Gandiv Army Pre Primary School,Kota

School Rules

The following salient rules and regulations are for strict compliance :-

A. Punctuality :

1. All Students should be present in school 5 minutes before the scheduled time. No student will be allowed inside the school premises 15 minutes before the school timings.
2. Late comers will be sent back.

B. Attendance :

1. Regular attendance to school is most essential. The minimum requirement of attendance in the academic year is 80%.
2. Leave is given to students on prior application from the parents. In unavoidable circumstances, the absence would be regularized on the day of rejoining the school with a valid leave note from the parent.
3. The Student absent on account of illness is to submit valid medical certificate.
4. All Student are expected to attend school on the reopening day after any vacation.
5. Students suffering from any communicable disease must rejoin only when fully recovered and come to school with a cerificate of fitness from a doctor.
6. Absence without prior intimation for a long period of time, (10 days or more) will result in the removal of the student's name from the rolls. Readmission in such cases entails payment of dues and fresh admission fees.